Well, it was an intense, whirlwind trip to the states. There were a lot of challenges, inner and outer, and also a lot of blessings. I want to say a special thank you to all you beautiful souls that connected with me.

Comfort food with my Papa Ji

Thank you to Dear Papa and Trudy for getting the ticket for me to fly to Salt Lake, and for providing a warm, loving, quiet home for me to stay in. Thank you to Trudy for all the wonderful morning smoothies 😋Yum! And for countless other ways you both helped me while I was staying with you.

Thank you to Cloee and Brielle for being such beautiful lights of love in my life!

Making fun memories for the special little ladies in my life ❤
Cloee and Brielle with Singh and Bagh

Thank you to dear Siri Gian, who came to my rescue with her time and car, helping me to get some important work done and shuttling me to some of my classes. And thank you for making time for Taco night with the girls.

Taco Night!

Thank you to Khushbir and Donda for inviting me to sleep over so we could practice some awesome morning Sadhanas. And, thank you, Khushbir, for the wonderful opportunites to collaborate as teachers. We had some amazing workshops!

Thank you to Donda for our heart to heart talk, the amazing books and our short but very sweet hike in East Canyon. And thank you to Gracie for remembering me and giving me kitty love.

Thank you to Deva Ji for driving me home from my classes and for continued love and support. I loved being your roommate in Boulder. It felt like being home.

Deva Ji and me

Thank you to my dear brother, David, and his two beautiful daughters who taught me how to play the live action game of “predator/prey”. I loved it when little Kendall instructed me that in round three, I could choose to be any type of prey I wanted (as long as it was a mythical creature). 😂 And to David for so generously allowing me to store my last worldly goods to his garage while I remain in India.

Thank you to Douglas for his friendship and extremely generous support 🙏🏽❤🙏🏽 You are a beautiful soul and huge asset to the Salt Lake 3ho community.

Booah Kari and the beautiful sweater

Thank you to my own Booah, Kari,for giving me a sweater – hand knit by my Dadi (Grandmother). I feel her love in every stitch of the sweater when I wear it. SO blessed to have it here with me in India.

Dadi Ji and me

Thank you to Dadi Grandma for loving me and holding my hand. That gesture meant the world to me.

Thank you to dear Yivraj and Gurshan Singh for being my best buddies. Thank you to Sister Gurpreet for our evening together and your continuing love and support. THANK you to Pritpal Singh for the amazing job playing tabla at Gurdwara! It was soooo good to play kirtan with you again, bro.

Thank you to Yivraj’s Dadi Ji, who welcomed me back with a huge smile and open arms.

Thank you to Surjit for taking me to the Gurdwara when I was down and needed it the most.

Thank you to Ram Simran for our time together with your beautiful family and for taking your afternoon to travel all the way up to Salt Lake and help me with dispersing the storage unit. I couldn’t have moved all that furniture without you! And I will always fondly remember our night time walk in the Springville cemetery!

Thank you to Mahan Atma for our evening Canyon driving with heart to heart talk and our fire circle with Banis up Millcreek Canyon.

Thank you to Agiapreet for your continued love and support. Our time together as sisters is always nourishing to my soul. I so enjoyed being able to partner with you for the day of White Tantric.

Yogi road-trip to Boulder for White Tantric – Blessed, Blessed time!

Thank you to Sophia for our continued friendship and for the valuable input on the process of starting the illustrations for my book. Thank you also for the time with your kittens! I finally got healthy doses of kitty love 😻

Thank you to my mother for our visit and your love, prayers and support.

Thank you to Grandma Brown for remembering me and embracing me with love.

Thank you to Raj Giandeep for your help with creating this blog site and your continued friendship. Thank you for your “God” donations – my Punjabi teacher and her family were soooo grateful for your generosity. Thank you for other countless helps.

Thank you to everyone who purchased a painting! It is a blessing to be able to share my art with you and use the proceeds to pay for my music tuition.

AND thank you to everyone who attended my classes and workshops, making them a success. I truly value each and every one of you and it warms my hearts to see you enjoying the classes.

The response to the Shabad Kirtan workshop was amazing. Thanks to all of you that came up afterwards to tell me how your personal experience of singing Sargams and the Shabad affected you.

Thank you, Karta Purkh!

Thank you to Karta Purkh for your friendship and bringing your sweet music into my class.

It was an amazing feeling, having kirtan and yoga being my job! And a dream come true to be bringing the powerful technology of Classical Indian Raag Kirtan and the Naad of the Shabad Guru to our Salt Lake 3ho community.

Thank you again, everyone. Your love, prayers and support have meant the world to me.

Minutes after landing in India, I left Sri Guru Ram Das Ji International Airport and was greeted with seasonal fog and smells of India. Not bad smells, but the scent of a humid land, fragranced with vegetation specific to India . It felt surreal to be returning to this far away country that earlier this year greeted me as a stranger, but this time was familiar. I felt Mother India pulling me back in a strong embrace. I boarded a cab to travel to my apartment in Chheharta; the cab driver’s music of choice – Gurubani Sikh Kirtan.

The other day while taking tea after class, Ustad Ji reminded me, “This (India) is your home.” I have settled back in and am deeply and diligently back at work with my studies – which include three new compositions!

May the blessings of Waheguru be upon all of us as we continue on our paths.

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh! 🙏🏽