About the Author

Amanjot Kaur grew up in Salt Lake City, Utah, surrounded by the Rocky Mountains and the Great Salt Lake. She has spent more than half her life studying Eastern religion and philosophy. Her time living in India and visits to Japan and Nepal, cultivated a deep love of foreign cultures which she delights in bringing to life through her art and writing. The Ninth Incarnation is her first novel which incorporates elements of Eastern spiritual practice with a fantasy adventure story for young adults and those young at heart.

Amanjot is a certified yoga instructor and Reiki practitioner. Meditation has been part of her life for over 20 years. For several years, she has studied Hindustani Classical music with Dr. Narinder Singh Sandhu, of Amritsar, India.

Currently residing in Connecticut, Amanjot spends her free time enjoying walks in nature, painting, singing, meditating, and hanging out with her landlady‚Äôs cat, Shadow. 

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