Who Am I?

Sat Sri Akal!

My name is Amanjot Kaur. I am an American Sikh, who has recently moved to India to study music. I am planning to study in India with my Ustad Ji (teacher) for approximately two years.

I was born and raised in the scenic mountain valley of Salt Lake City, Utah. Salt Lake has been home for the majority of my life, with a short stint living in the Bay area of Northern California. I enjoy travel and experiencing different cultures and climates. I am very grateful for having opportunities in my life for traveling to different areas of the United States, Canada, England, Scotland and Japan. India is the farthest afield I have gone. I never set foot in India before deciding to move here. That is what I call surrender to the Divine!

Snatam and Prabhu Nam Kaur Khalsa’s Soul Radiance Workshop

I have loved music my entire life. In my late teens, I began studying classical vocal/opera. I studied piano for a few years. More recently, I have studied folk harp with Kim Robertson, taken workshops with Bhai Kultar Singh and Snatam and Prabhu Nam Kaur Khalsa.

My teacher Kim and I after a weekend of lessons

The sacred music of the Sikh faith (Gurbani Kirtan Shabads) touched my heart in a way nothing else has. Enough to induce me to change my entire life! It is very difficult to find anyone qualified to teach the Hindustani Classical system of music and Raag in the United States, particularly since I was looking to study in an intensive, immersion setting: thus my departure for India. For more information on my journey to Sikhi, click here.

In another area of my life, I am a KRI/Yoga Alliance certified Level 1 Kundalini Yoga instructor. I completed my 500 hour training certification in 2014 under the guidance of Mehtab Benton and Mandeep Kaur. I have completed 4 out of 5, Level 2 certification modules. Levels completed are:

Conscious Communication

Vitality and Stress

Authentic Relationships

Mind and Meditation

I completed the 21 Stages of Meditation course under the direction of Gurucharan Singh Khalsa PhD.; and am a certified Level 3 Usui Reki Practitioner. For more information on what guided my life to my present adventure, click here.

This blog will be a platform to share with you the adventures of my journey studying in India as well as tips that may assist some of you in setting out on your own adventure. I will share product recommendations for items I personally use and feel are of true benefit and also some delicious recipes for you to try! A storefront will be opened at some point, selling my handmade sacred paintings as well as other items. All proceeds from the storefront will help with my tuition costs.

A calendar will be added to post notices of when and where I may be traveling to teach or sing. Check back often so you can be in the know!

I welcome you to comment and discuss the posts you find here. I look forward to connecting with you in this online community.

Please take a moment to read the terms and conditions of this site as well as the comment policy. I want this to be a space where everyone feels welcome and respected; so let us all do our best to be mindful of other peoples feelings and share in constructive, joyful dialog!

Remember, live your dream! Don’t come to the end of your life regretting that you didn’t take that once in a lifetime opportunity. We are only here in this body, in this particular lifetime once!

Wahe Guru Ji Ka Khalsa, Wahe Guru Ji Ki Fateh!