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Flower (and Tree!) Power to the Rescue

Crab Apple Blossoms

It is no secret that plants have tremendous healing power stored in their beautiful forms. Seeds, roots, herbs, flowers and tree bark are fantastic resources for promoting healing and maintaining health.

I am blessed to have a friend who is very knowledgeable about the plant kingdom and very skilled at making her own tinctures and essences. I have learned a lot from her and always enjoy a field outing with her as my guide.

Mountain Bluebells

A couple of years ago, I contracted an infection in my hand. I was concerned when what begin as an irritated scratch became a swollen red, itchy finger. I was about to call the doctor two weeks later, as the symptoms had spread to other fingers and up the palm of my hand. Allopathic, over the counter remedies were having no effect.

During this same time, my knowledgeable friend asked if I wanted to go on a hike. I am never one to turn down an opportunity for hiking, particularly in the beautiful mountains surrounding the Salt Lake Valley. The late summer air was warm and carried a fresh earthy scent. Golden evening sunlight filtered through the trees as we walked. Just experiencing nature first hand can do wonders for mental, emotional and physical health.

Not far into our trek, my friend paused to point out a cluster of young Douglas Fir trees on the edge of the trail. “Do you see the blisters on the smooth bark?” she asked. Sure enough, the tree trunks were sporting scattered, puffy blisters of various size. She instructed me that if the blisters are pierced, they release a liquid resin that has powerful healing properties. “You should put some on your hand.” she casually remarked then continued walking.

Powerful healing from the mighty Douglas Fir

Not one to waste an opportunity for relief, particularly since I was feeling so much discomfort in the hand, I carefully pierced a promising blister on the smooth silvery surface of the young tree’s bark. A clear, runny and quite sticky liquid burst forth. It smelled wonderfully like fresh pine. I quickly smeared it over the effected area on my finger and hand, then caught up with her on the trail. Within some minutes, I felt noticeable relief coming into the affected areas. But more amazing to me was that the next day, the problem that had been festering for a couple of weeks was essentially gone, from one application. Big score for Nature!

When planning for my time in India, it was a no-brainer to me that I would bring plant based remedies to aid me in assimilating with my new home environment as well as alleviating issues that might pop up during my stay. I was lucky to have a tincture and a special flower essence blend my friend had made me, but I also supplemented with some items from the Bach flower essence line. Some months ago, I was also pleasantly surprised to learn that my Ustad Ji also uses and values the Bach products.

Below are links to the essences from the Bach line that I chose to bring to India.

  • Walnut – for adapting to change
  • Larch – for confidence (or as Ustad Ji says, for giving you Shakti!)
  • Crab Apple – for accepting imperfections
  • Star of Bethlehem – for softening grief
  • Sweet Chestnut – brings optimism and peace of mind when anguish overwhelms you and you can find no way out

As always, you should consult your chosen healthcare professional before deciding what products are right for you. I feel that for me these essences have truly made a difference in helping me adjust to living here as well as aiding me with processing some heavy emotional issues and patterns. Many other formulas are available to suit individual needs. Luckily, with the internet age, wherever you are you can have access to these helpful tools for wellness and healing.

I would love to read comments from any of you who have experienced your own success with plant based healing!

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